Bustmob is a women-only community that was created specifically for those of us who
are just exploring or already enjoying breast implants! To keep things safe + friendly for
everyone, we have 3 simple guidelines to abide by:


We are Kind at All Times
All of us should love one another well. That doesn’t mean we won’t have disagreements, but being rude or bad-mouthing members or surgeons isn’t cool.

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We Are a Semi-Private, Closed Group
Facebook groups are not perfect! Don’t expect complete privacy - it’s unrealistic. If you’re looking for a more private experience, Bustmob.com is for you! If you value convenience more, this Facebook group is for you!


We Bring Problems to the Moderators
When we involve the whole group is an issue, it only adds fuel to the fire. Please bring any issues or problems to the moderators to take care of business.


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A Note on Nudity
Facebook doesn’t allow nudity, so you’ll need to use the sticker feature to
cover your nipples. Shots below the waist must also include underwear.